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China Mobile Manufacture Forum 2010

2010 Hot Topics
  • The development pattern evolution of mobile phone manufacturing and the affect to OEM/ODM manufacturer;
  • New technology application of the future mobile phone and its affect to the process;
  • Analysis and improvement of the frequently asked questions during mobile phone manufacture;
  • Mobile phone manufacture processing and DFX;
  • Mobile key manufacture technology and processing improvement: SMT, welding, detection, PCB, manufacture materials, software management, etc.;
  • Mobile phone processing improvement and manufacture management cases analysis, etc.
Industry Breakdown
In the participants, 43% come from the field of mobile phone production, 30% from that of mobile phone design, and 13% from that of mobile phone manufacturing technology.

In the participants, the engineers and technicians accounted for 42%, middle and senior management staff 35% and 7% respectively; sales 6%; others 7%.