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MCU£°MCU£°Event Overview£ļ

  • MCU currently are China’s only MCU focused technology and applications forum, also known as  the core product and technology releasing platform of the year. An average of 500+ professionals on a daily base are from MCU, including engineers, procurement, and managements.

  • MCU£°MCU£°2017 Topics:
  • - Development of ultra-low power consumption and MCU Technology
  • - Applications of Industrial MCU, IoT and hardware
  • - The latest application of MCU: UAV, wearable electrics and bioelectronics
  • - How to build a better ecological environment for the MCU development service and IoT industry
  • - Market analysis for domestic MCU development and present situation

Special forum focused on niche field

-Smart home
-Intelligent wearable and hardware
-Domestic MCU salon

Events participators