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Do you think that the domestically produced IC makers are ready for 2018?

In the year 2017 when price increases and stock-outs soared, depending on their own supply advantages, almost all manufacturers in Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Korea could make a fortune from Chinese terminal manufacturers. The latter even required the upstream manufacturers to sell. Give yourself high prices. This scenario can explain why China needs to spend a lot of effort to build its own semiconductor supply chain.
In fact, in 2014, the State Council issued the “Outline for Promoting the Development of the National IC Industry” to promote the development of the IC industry from the national level. After more than three years of development, the domestic integrated circuit industry has begun to take shape, which is reflected first in the foundry field.
Whether it is domestic self-developed SMIC, Huahong Hongli or Hualiwei, or the second largest wafer foundry in the world, Chengdu Gexin, which has landed in Chengdu, has achieved good results in their respective fields. Progress steadily. Especially with SMIC, after the introduction of world-famous wafer expert Liang Mengsong as CO-CEO, the cash process has also achieved good results, which has laid a solid foundation for domestic IC suppliers' products. In addition, the growth of domestic packaging and testing companies including Changjiang Electronics, Tongfu Microelectronics, and Tianshui Huatian has constituted an important closed loop for the domestic integrated circuit industry, which in turn has brought a golden era to Chinese IC manufacturers.
For example, in the MCU industry, Kyi Innovation and Smart Microelectronics are rapidly emerging.
MCU this product has existed for many years, he is now almost all home appliances and smart devices necessary "brain", but in the past, this is only ST, Texas Instruments, Renesas and NXP vendors and other private land. However, following the growth of domestic manufacturers such as Siu Yi Innovation and Smart Micro, Chinese MCUs have played an important role in the domestic and global markets.
Since the introduction of China's first ARM Cortex-M3 core 32-bit general-purpose MCU in April 2013, Kyiyi Innovation has been promoting the progress of the domestic MCU industry. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of last year, Kyi's innovative GD32 MCU series already had more than 300 product models, 19 product lines, and 11 different package types, providing not only the broadest selection of Cortex-M3 MCUs in the industry, The company continues to introduce Cortex-M4 MCU products with leading technology advantages. Products are also widely used in industrial controllers, motor frequency conversion, LED graphic display, security monitoring, sensor networks, drones, consumer electronics, robotics and IoT devices and other fields.
Beyond the MCU, Nortek's Nor Flash, and even Nand Flash, have a good performance in the country. As the largest Nor Flash supplier in the mainland, this part of Kyi Yixin's business accounted for 7% of the global revenue market in 2016, ranking fifth in the world. They are even cooperating with Hefei to jointly promote 19nm DRAM localization.
Smart Microelectronics is another major promoter of domestic MCUs. This company, established in 2011, has several series of products. At the collaboration conference held last year, they said that in the future 3-5 MCU manufacturers with annual sales of 1 billion yuan, Smart Microelectronics will surely occupy a place.
In the market of fingerprint recognition, the trend of Huiding has also received much attention. From the transition from touch control to fingerprint recognition, Huiding has established its position as an emerging real power in China's integrated circuits. In recent years, around the screen fingerprint identification, they even walked in front of other international manufacturers. At the earlier MWC, they even expanded their product lines to NB-IoT, an Internet of Things market with unlimited potential, by acquiring a German company. It is believed that this will be the beginning of another story.
Others such as passive components, domestic Fenghua Hi-Tech are catching up; CMOS sensor field has Si Liwei (has just been acquired by Zhaoyi Innovation) and Geke Micro; players in the field of LED chips include Mu Linsen and Sanan Optoelectronics. The rise. Huawei Hass and Ziguang Zengru are as strong as ever.
The domestic IC industry officially entered the era of crowds and hegemony.
As a professional electronics exhibition in China, ELEXCON Shenzhen International Electronic Exhibition & Embedded Systems Exhibition has always been focused on the display of domestic IC and component innovation and has attracted worldwide attention:
1. Gathered the most domestically listed component listed companies, including: Sanhuan, Sunlord, Fenghua Gaoke, Yuyang, etc. The dynamic that is worth watching is that they have increasingly used the ELEXCON platform to showcase the listed companies in innovative technologies and new industries in recent years. The investment in the field and the latest achievements include the innovation of new materials and applications in the automotive, industrial and Internet of Things fields.
2. Assembled the most complete domestic MCU manufacturers, the MCU mentioned above as the brain of the hardware products, is also the most important track of the influx of domestic companies in these two years. ELEXCON's embedded system exhibition in the same period, in addition to ST, Silicon Labs and other veteran international companies, Zhou Ligong, Smart Micro, Saiyuan, Yu Xin micro and so on more than 10 domestic MCU factory has been involved in the embedded exhibition, and is committed to promoting domestic Innovative application of MCU. In the same period, the "domestic MCU salon" was also the only platform in China to transmit the real dynamics of domestic MCU manufacturers and has attracted much attention in the industry.
3. The domestic suppliers of Company A of Company A have collectively appeared on the ELEXCON platform in recent years to demonstrate the latest technologies and applications in addition to the mobile phone market. With the further saturation and expected reduction of the mobile phone market, the original domestic suppliers of Apple’s Samsung, including Sanhuan, Xinwei, and Dentsu, etc., were also well prepared. They changed their attitudes in the past and began to change from last year. The more they participate in the professional exhibition platform such as ELEXCON, they are committed to promoting new technologies and new applications in the automotive and Internet of Things areas, and strive to open up new market opportunities.
4. More start-up new IC and component companies are willing to participate in ELEXCON. In recent years, as the entrepreneurial and investment environment is improving, the country’s policy support for domestically produced ICs and components has increased, and the proportion of investment institutions among ELEXCON’s buyers and middle-income viewers has increased significantly. We believe that more new start-up companies will participate in the ELEXCON exhibition platform in the future. Find suitable partners and development opportunities.
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