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ELEXCON 深圳国际电子展

ELEXCON2018 reveals a new engine for the growth of China's electronic market

AI, 5G,IoT, automatic drive and so on are the most popular hot spots in the 2018. How to get in and get the return in the Chinese market? How can we get further development with the help of local innovation ability in China, which is the focus of the global electronics industry. At the ELEXCON 2018 held in Shenzhen on 20-22 December 2018, you will have the opportunity to obtain first-hand information.
CMCC(China Mobile Communications Corporation) will be under the guidance of the government to build the world's largest 5G test network, and officially announced the 2018 5G scale experimental plan will be in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Wuhan five city to carry out field test, each city will build more than 100 5G base stations; also carry out 5G service and the application in the demonstration Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen and other 12 city. In addition to the 5G network, the terminal manufacturers are also actively preparing for 5G. HUAWEI has released 5G commercial chip Balong 5G01 (Barone 5G01) and HUAWEI commercial 5G CPE (user terminal) at the just concluded Barcelona Mobile Communication Exhibition MWC. ZTE, which is also a supplier of communication network equipment with HUAWEI, has displayed its 5G Axom M, and has said that it will achieve the commercial deployment of 5G in the first quarter of 2019.
The IOT industry supported by 5G will further accelerate the pace of development. The scale of China's IOT industry will exceed 2 trillion yuan by 2018, and it will be close to 72376 billion yuan by 2022. In addition to the developed areas such as the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the Bohai region, the central and western cities and the mainland cities are actively deploying the Internet of things. With Shenzhen as the center of the Pearl River Delta and high-tech electronic city, has brought together thousands of high quality networking solutions provider, they have been in the city of wisdom, the wisdom of the community, intelligent parking lot, intelligent retail, medical wisdom and health, car networking and intelligent agriculture fields successfully implemented the industrial networking case.
ELEXCON Shenzhen international electronics exhibition is the most important professional electronics exhibition in China. It was born and based on the global electronic industry town Shenzhen. It can be regarded as the best platform to investigate the most advanced electronic technology innovation and market application in China. This year ELEXCON2018 is the theme of "China, the intelligent planet", from components to the system, to fully demonstrate the innovative power of China's electronics industry. In addition to the key device of MCU, power electronics, sensor, networking and car museum this year, you can also see many IoT, intelligent Home Furnishing, intelligent driving, car networking and electric vehicle technology and solutions.
According to the organizers of Shenzhen UBM Creativity Exhibition Co., Ltd. introducing, this year ELEXCON & embedded expo, ev&autotronics china and mechatronics expo 2018 held in the same period, is expected to reach 800 exhibitors, domestic and international professional audiences will reach 60 thousand, in addition to the site and more than 20 professional the forum, more than 100 at home and abroad to make a wonderful speech.
The day before the exhibition of global quality exhibitors and speeches convener is underway, for details please visit: www.elexcon.com
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