Since ELEXCON was held in 1990, from intelligent design to advanced packaging and testing, it has provided a professional platform for global high-quality brand manufacturers to demo their latest product and technology; from the application side to the manufacturing side, the expo has showed electronic system design, advanced packaging expertise and all aspects of the SiP design chain. At the same time, ELEXCON brings together OSAT, EMS, OEM, IDM, fabless semiconductor design companies and silicon wafer foundries, as well as assembly and testing suppliers of raw materials and equipment; it aims to fully radiate the semiconductor packaging industry cluster in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta and also meets the needs of the booming 5G, AIoT industry chain, and smart wearables, smart phones, smart cars, data centers and other product lines. In 2021, a total of 40,777 professional visitors participated in the expo.

● Based on the semiconductor field, from design to manufacturing, and then to the application! Build a high-quality technology exchange platform for engineering and management personnel in the industry.

● Create an advanced packaging and testing industry hinterland, radiating the domestic semiconductor industry, and accumulating a large number of buyers in the field of microelectronics manufacturing for more than 30 years.

● Possess rich resources in the field of semiconductor packaging and testing, sharing the latest development and technology trends of the global advanced packaging and testing industry.

● Integrate the upstream and downstream of semiconductor production, promote the development of industrial technology, and create the advantages of domestic industrial chain.

● Taking the development of industry and technology as the forerunner, build a semiconductor industry ecology, and provide a fast and accurate platform for emerging semiconductor companies.

Display Range


● 3D IC design/EDA/IP tools

● Semiconductor equipment and advanced technology

● Semiconductor material application

● Wafer-level SiP advanced production line demo

● Mini-LED packaging technology

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